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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  March 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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jim: we start with breaking news, three people have been rescued after a vehicle went off a lonely dirt road and ended up in a swamp three at. meredith: chopper 2 worked to bring us video of the people. jim: dan billow joins us live with what happened. dan: this could have been worse. three teenage boys are lucky they will be ok. you can see the tow truck that is extracting their overturned vehicle, but we can give you a close-up look what happened to the vehicle. a spokesman saying this vehicle being driven fast down of a country road, off-road, and and wind up going through soft sand and ends up off site down -- upside down in a ditch. there was only six to eight inches of water, or this would have turned out differently.
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pinned in the vehicle and could not get out. the other teen, just because the doors wedged, he was trapped inside with the other guy, but both were talking and ok, not badly hurt, but did need to be taken to the hospital in two cases, one by hospital -- one by ambulance and the other by helicopter. they will be just fine, and whether or not there are any tickets issued after all of this , according to the florida highway patrol, is still in question. we have three teenage boys behaving badly, likely to get out of this -- lucky to get out of this, and an suv that needs a lot of work right now. meredith: more breaking news, this time in volusia county. deputies have arrested a brother and a sister in the theft of the girl scouts cashbox outside of walmart.
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can see them arrested after they came back to deltona after a trip from north carolina. the box contained a $200 in cash . we will have more later. jim: tonight wesh 2 news investigates, a medical chopper never arrived for a badly burned man. meredith: the man was in desperate need of medical attention after a fiery accident at speed world last night. because the requested helicopter was called off the victim was , driven nearly 20 miles by ambulance. jim: wesh 2' s bob kealing has the dramatic 911 call and just spoke with the fire chief. >> what parts of the body were burned? >> all. >> his entire body? >> ya, he was completely enguled -- engulfed in fire. bob: last night at around 10:30, a speed world employee called 911 after a devastating accident on the drag strip. >> i' ve had a motorcycle explode. the driver is severly burned, my paramedic is calling for a helicopter asap.
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administered advanced life support to the victim who was having trouble breathing. within the hour, we spoke with orange county' s fire chief. >> we did call for the air ambulance to come, and once we knew it was going to be somewhat delayed, the system worked exactly as it was supposed to, the paramedics were in the back with the patient, and transported him to the hospital. bob: why? according to these reports, a switch was made in responding helicopters from air care one to air care three. an aircare spokeswoman says aircare one had just been on a trauma call and needed to be decontaminated. that left the number three ship but they were delayed due to , international air traffic. eta, 10 minutes. due to that delay, the decision was made to transport by ground ambulance. our calls and emails to the faa concerning this air traffic issue have not been returned.
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the victim' s name and condition have not been released. bob kealing, wesh 2 news. , for aircare' s aviation provider air methods tells wesh last night' s incident, and will need more time to determine what occurred. new at 6:00, a man who was gunned down in a standoff with palm bay police tuesday has been identified. police say they got a call about a person making threats to shoot three people doing construction work at a home next door. investigators say dimitri corcino came out of a house and pointed a gun towards officers. an officer shot at corcino, killing him. the incident remains under investigation. meredith: a man accused of leaving a loaded gun where a 6-year-old could get her hands on it, could be leaving jail tonight. 35-year-old erik williams went before a judge this afternoon. he' s accused of child neglect after a 6-year-old girl he was caring for, found a gun under a couch and accidentally shot herself with it. she died at the hospital.
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was under the sofa, and let the child play in an area where she could find it. his mother defended her son today. rosalind williams: it' s not his gun, he don' t carry a gun, he' s not a violent person. meredith: she says what happened is an accident. she hopes her son will bond out of jail. sanford' s police chief says people need to be much more careful with loaded guns in the home. jim: melbourne police say a sexual advance by one man to another led to a deadly beating. police say 21-year-old gianluca massaro was at a bar called debauchery in downtown melbourne superbowl sunday. when the bar closed, police say 53-year-old kent wilbanks propositioned him. police later found wilbanks lying face up, in a pool of blood, with multiple injuries to his head that a medical examiner believes were made by someone' s hands or feet. a shadowy picture from a surveillance camera led to massaro after a three-week investigation. >> witnesses and other evidentiary issues have made
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that that was mr. massaro. jim: police say massaro later tried to change his appearance by cutting his hair. he denies any involvement, but admits being at the bar. he is charged with second-degree murder. meredith: crews returned to a local canal today after an orange county 8-year-old fell in earlier this week. they spent time patching up more holes. right now, shamore franklin remains in a medically induced coma. tonight wesh 2' s michelle meredith learned more about the canal that has the potential to be deadly. michelle: today crews from orange county worked to patch even more holes in the fence that surrounds the canal near riverside elementary. the canal where shamore franklin nearly downed as he was walking across a pipe and fell into the water. witnesses say the 8-year-old crawled under the fence that was marked no trespassing. orange county officials say the canal is actually the little wekiva river, starts at lake orlando and ends at lake lotus
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about fivemiles of the canal run three orange county. officials estimate about 70% of the canal is fenced in. officials tell us they decide where the canal is fenced based on the deepness of the water and the steepness of the bank. the officials tell us these areas are inspected once a month . you think the county should have done more? >> yes i do. if they check in a month, every month like they say why didn' t , they find the holes earlier? michelle: and it' s clear different jurisdictions have different policies. one thing we noticed is that where the canal starts at lake orlando, there is no fence at all on the sides of the canal. this section of the canal is in the city of orlando. so is this part in the rosemont area. there' s a partial fence and plenty of people ignoring the trespassing signs. orlando city officials say their decision to fence is based on the slope, and at which parts
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retention pond or a waterway to enjoy. in orange county, michelle meredith, wesh 2 news. jim: new details tonight with an investigation into drowning deaths. no charges will be filed against woman sleeping when her junk daughter and grandson died at a holly hill pool in july. this was on -- detectives seize evidence, but attorney say that drowning appears accidental. an orange county man faces burglary charges after deputies say he broke into his in-laws' home. >> mr. martinez is alleged to have broken the glass of the dwelling. he is actually, and then with intent to kill the people inside. jim: this is giovanni martinez at his first court appearance. deputies say yesterday, he kicked in the door of the home in the lake hart subdivision, and claimed he would kill his in-laws and his wife, who had gone there after an argument with him.
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short time later. they say he cut his head banging it against the cage in their patrol car. meredith: volusia county has spent $35 million in the past five years to help the homeless. they will have a workshop to help things out. they have save and recommendations to help with alternative homeless solutions, but the offer had been on the table, and this same trio will go back to daytona beach leadership and talk some more. >> it will be like the mediator and intermediate or, maybe you something forward. we have done everything we can do. we have offered the land, the building, the land and money. if someone else is turned up and says we will do this, this and this. meredith: they continue to work on this. jim: a local man is accused of causing a three-vehicle crash then speeding away, while drunk. melbourne police say stanley jones rear-ended a car on croton road and eau gallie boulevard
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that car then hit another vehicle injuring one of the drivers. police tracked down jones at a nearby apartment where he was arrested. he is now charged with dui and driving with a suspended license. tonight we' re working to learn whether charges will be filed after one person is killed while trying to cross a busy road in orlando. it happened about 10:30 last night on edgewater drive at second street. the highway patrol says the driver of the car involved didn' t stop at the scene. the victim' s name has not been released. meredith: a historic project for uber. they will introduce a year-long program to make altamonte springs the first fully integrated uber city areas they want to see how it can have an effect on the overall mobility plan and boost sunrail ridership. one sunrail rider, who relies on coworkers to get to and from the station, said a diskette will be welcome.
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taxi, and the people are cleaner, and nicer than most of the taxicab drivers. amanda: this is good news for you, you think you use it? >> yes. meredith: more details announced tomorrow. the race for the white house has been marred by nasty comments. jim: it is getting dangerous to back your favorite politician. >> we have a right to do this without fear of retribution, fear of violence. jim: you would hear from a yokel man -- local man that was beat for his support of donald trump. meredith: a woman in the fight for her life with the irs. why they don' t believe she is alive and well. tony: we need rain, and it is on the way.
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know jim: detectives are working to track down the people responsible for violence in local politics.
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and a woman was hit by a cup of coffee. both are supporters of donald trump for president. jim: wesh 2 political reporter greg fox shows us what went down. >> it' s getting better and better. and, so yeah, i' ll be fine. greg: lou valls was thanking the man who helped him monday when he was attacked in front of orange county' s south creek library early voting location. he was trying to prevent two young men who were trying to steal his trump for president campaign signs. lou valls: i approached them, i confronted them to get them to stop, and that' s when one of them body-slammed me to the ground. i fell onto the sidewalk and this is how i got these scrapes on both of my hands. and my chin. and they kept pulling the trump signs, and i could not pursue them. greg: the men drove off before deputies arrived. paramedics treated valls' injuries. not serious, but he' s furious. lou valls: we' re all americans here. we all have a first amendment
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we have a right to do this without fear of retribution, and without fear of violence. greg: on wednesday outside the southwest library, at doctor phillips, which is also an early voting location, a trap a supporter was on the sidewalk when someone driving by threw a drink at her. the woman got a welt on her stomach from the full cup of iced coffee. >> i just spoke with her to make sure she was ok when she came down, to try and get her to calm down. greg: the orange county elections supervisor so far has no other reports of violence at early voting locations. meredith: the' s office reports anyone arrested in these incidents could face battery charges. jim: tonight wesh 2 news investigates, despite being very much alive, an orlando woman is trying to prove to the government that she' s not dead. 64-year-old margaret morgan somehow ended up on the social security administration' s master death file. for the second year in a row, her tax refund has been rejected
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s dead. >> it' s very trying, very upsetting. there' s things i have to be doing like work, and i don' t have time to stay home every day and try to straighten out somebody else' s mistake. jim: the social security administration says out of more than 2 million deaths recorded every year, 9000 turn out to be errors, an unknown amount caused by clerical mistakes. after wesh 2 stepped in , the feds offered to reach out to margaret to resurrect her good name. meredith: we' re now getting a clearer picture of the man deputies say held up a mini golf course. these new surveillance photos show him with his black hoodie and jacket. he' s described as a hispanic man in his mid 20' s about 5' 10." deputies say on sunday he demanded cash from the employees at the congo river mini golf on us-192 in kissimmee. they gave him some money and he took off. if you know who this guy is, give a call to crimeline at 1-800-423-tips. the time of spacex' s fifth try for a launch from the cape has been set. they' ll try again tomorrow at 6:35 p.m. high-altitude winds forced tuesday night' s attempt to
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be scrubbed the fourth time. weather and technical problems have caused each delay. the rocket will carry a navigational satellite for asia into orbit. you can watch it live on the wesh 2 mobile app. jim: whether you' re a spring breaker or biker, if you' re in volusia county this weekend, you may see some sharks. local surfer and marine photographer kem mcnair shared these pictures of sharks in ankle-deep water near the jetty in new smyrna beach. >> typically this time of year we do have the migration of more shark in florida waters and , coincidentally we have more people in the water at that time too. we, if there ever is a bite it' s , usually mistaken identity. it' s a bite and release type of deal. here in volusia county, we' ve never had any fatalities, all of our shark bites have been very minor. jim: volusia county always urges caution. if you' re in the water and see a lot bait fish or a lot of birds
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meredith: good advice. now we will hear from chopper 2 , looking at folks at lake eola. this is known as the walk a mile in her shoes. he was see many folks walking highfield, two arrays -- walking in high heels to raise awareness for rape. the weather is good. tony: weather is in the high 70' s. we need rain. pollen has been high, it is dry. we will get a lot, i wish i could say we are getting more, but unfortunately i 10th work -- 1/10 or 15/100 in marion county. nice and comfortable for the event in downtown. current temperatures 77, ocala 72.
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it picked up in the morning with the wind, and now we are at 10 miles per hour, they will continue to pick up as the front arrives after midnight. the ripple 5k stride going on, also lake eola, 76, 70. at epcot, the flower and garden festival, a great-looking forecast through 9:00, no mention of any rain. jacket may be needed, this event can get cold. so far this is looking good. 53 ocala in the morning, rain arriving in the morning and pressing southeastward by 8:00 and 9:00. i want to time it out for you. check out futurecast. here is 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, showers in marion county. the mainline approaches, daytona beach, the village around 4:00 in the morning. and 6:00 through 8:00, seminole and orange before moving
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maybe 2/ 10 of an inch of rain. the big story again, we need the rain. latest computer model at 1/4 inch of rain, so better than what we saw earlier. that is going in the right direction, but we could use more. fungos 71, the villages 76. in the attractions at 80 degrees. we us bring -- spring training tomorrow astros and cardinals, first pitch temperature 79, clouds will break up. we will have to watch the clouds for the falcon nine launch. the belt -- this is still and 90 percent go. easterly flow becoming northeasterly by sunday as another drive front comes through. we' ve a lot of events this weekend. orlando city soccer, 74 to 75 degrees. let'
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seven-day outlook here, help -- highs in the 70' s. then we climb into the 80' s, wednesday and thursday. near 85 degrees. jim: thank you. it is opening day of for the spring training, but also goodbye to another team. stewart: and the city lines team
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stewart: we' re just days away from game one, season two for the orlando city lions. the city beautiful' s pro soccer team will take the field this weekend as fans pack the citrus bowl. today we learned that the team' s captain, kaka, has been called up by the brazilian national team for world cup qualifiers. the lions' attacking midfielder will be representing his home nation during the lions' two-week mls break at the end of march, and will return for the home match against the portland timbers on april 3. he' s not expected to miss any games for orlando. orlando city' s first game is sunday at 2:00 against real salt lake. fans getting warmed up for the big games this weekend with a thursday night run. the purple pride 5k gets started in just a few minutes.
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they even got a game ticket with registration. you' ll hear from people taking part in the festivities tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. it' s the beginning of the end for spring baseball on the space coast. after this season, the washington nationals will move its spring operation to west palm beach. today was the team' s first home game, at space coast stadium in viera. nats got the bats going early and often in this one facing off against divisional rival the new york mets. national league mvp bryce harper picked up right where he left off with an impressive day. nats win this one 9-4. it is still bittersweet for the fans. >> it is sad, it is the end of an era. i feel sorry for those guys having to sit on the bus for all of those hours. stewart: the nationals' will play their last game in brevard county march 28. orlando magic back home, looking to make back-to-back wins after defeating the bulls.
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jim: big news to share about the disney cruise line. meredith: disney is planning to build two new ships each more than 1000 feet long and more than 200 feet high. disney is expanding its family cruise business again. the ships will showcase
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entertainment, and disney service. they' re planned to be completed by 2021 and 2023. we continue to follow breaking news out of brevard county. jim: three people are rescued after their truck rolls off the road and into a ditch. we are looking for a cause of the crash. meredith: a man charged after a child shoots herself is expected to walk out of jail any moment. we are there as he is released. jim: highlights from the gop debate. breaking news tonight. clash of the titans. mitt romney releasing a blistering attack on donald trump, warning republicans to stop him. trump fires back and the gop braces for all-out war. a police officer smacking and kicking a 16-year-old, triggering outrage and a criminal investigation.


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